Merry Edwards

2959 Gravenstein Highway North

Sebastopol, CA 95472

(707) 823-7466


Owner/Winemaker: Merry Edwards

Owner: Ken Coopersmith


In 1996, Merry Edwards purchased 24 acres of sloping hillside in the southern hills of Russian River Valley, intent on growing

luscious Pinot Noir on this promising site. With her husband, Ken Coopersmith, as her helpmate, Merry planted 20 acres of

vineyard at Meredith Estate in 1998 and harvested a small crop in 2000.


Merry had owned no land of her own up to this point, some two decades into her winemaking career. Developing her own

vineyard deepened Merry’s respect for the impact of location coupled with precision farming. In 1999 Merry and Ken expanded

the brand’s estate program by purchasing acreage on Laguna Ridge in the heart of Russian River Valley and planting it in 2001.

The first Coopersmith Pinot Noir released was a 2004. The vineyard is also the site of the Merry Edwards Winery, completed in

2008 and further expanded in 2010.


Resolutely moving toward an estate model, more long-term leases were formulated. She still purchases small quantities of fruit

from two growers. Her longtime friend Bob Pellegrini has supplied his prized Olivet Lane grapes since 1997 -- a property well

recognized among collectors. In addition, Ted Klopp’s vineyard on Laguna Ridge has become distinguished as Klopp Ranch

under Merry’s farming guidance and winemaking since 1999.


Whether planted to Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc, all of Merry’s grape sources are characterized by enduring commitment,

respect for the land, family ownership and site-specific viticulture. With exceptional Russian River Valley grapes,