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6542 Front Street
Forestville, CA 95436

(707) 820-1621


Winemaker & Forum Contact: Adrian Manspeaker

Having grown up on the fog-shrouded northern coast of California, Owner/Winemaker Adrian Jewell Manspeaker learned early on to appreciate the complicated patchwork of micro-climates of his home. When he moved to Sonoma County, he discovered an interest in the origin of wine and the evolution from vineyard to barrel to bottle. His wine country location allowed him to study winemaking and viticulture through UC Davis’s extension program and take business management courses on the side. Putting theory into practice, Adrian joined C. Donatiello for the 2007 crush, then lent a hand at Peay Vineyards during the 2008 harvest. It was round that time he founded Joseph Jewell, a wine company dedicated to capturing the terroir of single-vineyard sites in both Sonoma County and Humboldt County, where Adrian grew up.

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