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Domaine della
3358 Coffey Ln

Santa Rosa, CA 95403

(707) 291-6500


Winemaker: David Hejl

In 2015, I left Kosta Browne Winery as their CEO and General Manager, as the value creation successfully led to a sale to pursue my own luxury label, Domaine Della, which was my project while CEO of Kosta Browne. Domaine Della’s mission is to craft intense and adventurous wines, partnering with the very best growers, a true expression in harmony and balance from the place where they were grown.  These wines are extremely limited production and sourced from the finest vineyards in the Russian River Valley, Sonoma Coast, and Santa Lucia Highlands.

My passion for fine wine began while putting myself through school working as a waiter, sommelier, and chef, but I found my true inspiration while living in Paris working for Nabisco in my early twenties. It was there that I first experienced the art of wine, food and culture in a way that was truly spiritual, all in the beautiful City of Light. Having traveled around the world fifty times on international assignments and visiting every major wine region in the world, each of these adventures was never complete without discovering and enjoying the local food, wines, and culture. This project is a culmination of three decades of experience. I am grateful to my family, many mentors and life teachers over the years to get me to this place.

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